Pitching to landlords for your Airbnb Arbitrage is a nightmare…

Who agrees with me when I say that pitching to landlords can be quite frightening especially when you are a complete beginner?

Well, I know.

When you are a beginner, there will be uncertainties and times when you don’t know where to begin, or how to present yourself to someone.

And I hear you, [First Name]. I understand you.


Being hesitant and dragging things out when you pitch to landlords is costing you $$.

And here’s why…

When you drag things out like pitching to landlords as you start your Airbnb business… you are missing out on a lot of big opportunities ahead of you.

And it can be much more detrimental to your business.

Airbnb arbitrage will only work if you plan it out, work it right and get to pitch to many landlords and get a damn big YES from most of them.

So the longer you drag out things, the longer you get to see profits and the fruits of your hard work.

I’m sure you don’t want that, so if I were you… I’ll collect my self-esteem and start preparing to pitch to my landlords.

I mean…

You either make excuses or make progress.

You choose.

And if you choose to do the latter…

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