Justin Fontenelle

About Justin

Justin Fontenelle, a native of Belgium learned everything there is to know about real estate from the ground up, and has successfully transformed his enthusiasm for the industry into a multifaceted business strategy.

Justin started working as an assistant carpenter over ten years ago in order to gain a firm understanding of the construction side of real estate development. And this is when his passion for all things real estate first began.

He has collaborated with brilliant architects, builders, city officials, and other business professionals who have mentored and taught him the ropes of creating a sound cash flow, wise investing, leading teams, renovating and building real estate, diversifying his portfolio, growing revenue streams while generating new and passive income, and scaling his business.

Justin built a solid real estate foundation from the beginning and keeps expanding his portfolio each month. He is now using the Airbnb arbitrage concept to have over 20 Airbnbs in addition to over 30 rental properties in Michigan, Arizona, and Florida. 

Justin has now built his coaching program, “MFRE Impact” to help the real estate rookies to kick off their journey and close 7 figures as well.


Justin Fontenelle rose to fame and recognized as a pioneer of house flipping in Detroit after selling 500 turnkey homes to investors, which helped him build his real estate and property management company.

Now, He is a CEO of multiple companies invested in the real estate business. He is an entrepreneur and investor who believes in the power and value of having and leveraging multiple income streams.

A message from Justin:

I am on a mission to motivate new or seasoned real estate enthusiasts to raise the standard so they may achieve their objectives and lead the genuine lives they have always imagined.

And if you want to start your real estate journey, you need to have the passion to achieve success in the industry you choose.

Growing a business is something that needs to be done with passion. You need to love what you do and look forward to any obstacles because you can learn and grow from them. I’ve used my past experiences to get me to where I am today.